Pure Water Made From Air

a superior alternative

Pure Water Made From Air

Rediscover real purity with drinking water made from air and free of all contaminants

“My Aquaria unit has been a great addition to my new kitchen.  Has eliminated the need of plastic bottles plus the water tastes great!”

– Brisbane Customer

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Making water from air sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? 
There’s no magic or trickery to be seen here. Just years of research by industry-leading minds and an end product that provides high-quality, sustainable pure drinking water from the air.

Pure drinking water from the air

100% off-grid, infrastructure independent

From 20L up to 20,000L per day production

“The best tasting drinking water on the market’ ”


Aquaria pure water bottle

An Aquaria Water 20L unit can save up to 14,000 single use plastic bottles in just one year.

aquaria water 20L

How It Works

Aquaria is an atmospheric water generator that draws in ambient air through an air filter where water vapour is extracted through condensation process. The water generated is then passed through several filters to create pure, healthy and refreshing drinking water.

Water vapour from the air is drawn in and passes through an air filter

Pure water condenses and further filtered inside Aquaria

The clean water flows into a stainless steel reservoir where it's kept safe

Aquaria water is recirculated every 2 hours for water purity

Cold, ambient or hot beautiful drinking water is dispensed at a touch of a button

Tap Water Issues

Chlorine plus up to 50 other chemicals are added to tap water supply.

Water scarcity & the effects of climate change

Increased contamination from viruses, pollution, ground water over mineralisation

Ageing and contaminated infrastructure causing bad tasting water.

Girl happy with her glass of water

Benefits of the Aquaria Atmospheric Water Generator

Produces the purest, best tasting drinking water on the market

Sediment filter that eliminates particles, achieving optimal taste.

Dispenses purified hot & cold water

Heated to 82C and chilled to 6C

Easy to operate

Push button digital display makes it easy to pour hot or cold water

No installation or plumbing required - just plug it in

Can be wired into the mains if required

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