AquaAid Program

Approximately 2 million Australians (8% of our population) do not have access to clean water. Those affected by contaminated or lack of water supply have a significantly higher risk of health issues.

AquaAid was born with a vision to provide all Australians in need with a clean, reliable drinking water source. Aquaria’s water systems uses the worlds latest eco-technology that distills and filters only the air around us to produce sustainable, clean drinking water for anyone, anywhere with no plumbing or other infrastructure needed. Aquaria is a superior water solution that eliminates clean water issues and scarcity in those communities, schools or homes while also reducing the need of single use plastics which are clogging our natural environment.


Check out our AquaAid brochure for more information and how you can get involved to help Australian communities in need.


Water technology at Cobargo school

Not long after the bush fires, we installed Hydropanels for a distressed Cobargo school

​”Over its lifetime, a single panel can offset more than 57,000 single-use plastic water bottles,” he explained..”

Hydropanels for a distressed Cobargo school
The Cat Stephens water project Australia

The Cat Stevens (Yusuf) Project

Australia is the driest inhabited continent on earth, and water is a scarce resource, Aquaria was proud to have brought this project to a remote Aboriginal community.

School Project

A critically dry town’s ‘magical, otherworldly’ solution to sustainable clean drinking water

School boy getting water from aquaria water system in critical dry town
School children celebrating the Hydropanels received in water-starved Indigenous community

School Project

Patty Mills, NBA and Australian Indigenous Basketball player, instals SOURCE Hydropanels in water-starved Indigenous communities