How Does Air to Water Work?

How does Aquaria Atmospheric Water Generators (AWG) Work?

What to Expect When you Receive your new Aquaria Water Unit

Check out this quick video of what to expect when you receive your new Aquaria air to water unit and how it will compliment your home, office/work space and beyond.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is air to water?

Atmospheric water generation (AWG) is quality drinking water that is extracted from the humidity in the air via a fast and energy-efficient patented condensation process.

Is water from Air safe?

Air is a cleaner platform than soil. Water created from air eliminates the need for ground water pumping, transport and the fear of soil contamination 

How do I set it up?

The installation process is easy. All you need to is to plug it in and follow the one-time procedure for first-time users. We will provide a user manual and a video link below.

How to Prime your Aquaria Water Unit

Please see our simple video guide how to prime your new Aquaria Water unit before plugging it in.

A step by step guide on making sure your unit works to its optimum.

Aquaria will provide a guide book detailing maintenance on purchase.

What are the International Standards and Guidelines for Contaminants?

Aquaria number of contaminants

Is water from Air safe? Why not just use water from the earth?

Air is a cleaner platform than soil. Water production from the air eliminates the need for ground water pumping, transport and the fear of soil contamination (also over mineralisation). Thus, water from the air is the safer and cleaner option. In addition, all the water produced by Aquaria Water Systems goes through filtering process leaving you the cleanest drinking water on earth.

How does Aquaria's air to water unit create water?

Water is produced through a condensation process, where the humidity in the air surrounding the device meets a cold surface inside aquaria, and at that point of interaction, the humidity turns to water. This process takes place constantly during the day, with the water collected in a stainless steel tank within the device. The water production process takes place through the patented technology which is the heart of the device. It guarantees constant, premium-quality water throughout the day.

View the Aquaria Water Process. 

How do I set it up?

The installation process is easy and friendly. All you need to is to plug it in and follow the one-time procedure for first-time users. We have a video above and simple user manual will provided.  If you need assistance just contact us 

Is Aquaria Cost effective?

Once you have purchased an aquaria unit or have it on a payment plan, you’re only true future costs for your drinking water is the power used. Depending on the day each litre produced might only cost from 0.5cents – 13 cents in power for each litre of water produced. On an average day Aquaria will cost you much less than a cup of coffee.

Does Aquaria work in all Humidity levels?

Aquaria produces water in cities, towns and communities with a wide range of climates. Humidity changes day and night, indoors and outdoors, however in Australia most of the populated country sits above 30 relative humidity, for example Sydney Humidity often sits above 60.

Can i become a distributor In Australia or another country?

Please feel free to reach out to our team [email protected] or please feel free to call.

Is it environmentally friendly?

Absolutely! Aquaria Water Systems are cost-efficient (less than 10cents a litre) and environmentally-friendly solution for home and office use. It creates a new unlimited source of drinking water from the humidity in the air and reduces the use of plastic bottles, transport and various other factors, thereby reducing damage to the environment, as well as the need for logistic processes, storage and transportation. As a bonus factor it also dries the room like a dehumidifier, and therefore less energy is invested in air conditioning.

Will Aquaria products suit my needs?

Please call or email our expert team and we can discuss and advise on your specific needs. Air to water units are perfect for homes, offices, communities or amyone needing or wanting clean water. Aquaria customers range from all walks of life and locations. 

How much water does each Aquaria air to water unit produce?

Aquaria has a range of sizes depending on your needed. Our most common for a small office, home or community is the 20L per day unit. Depending the time of year of weather conditions this unit might produce anywhere from 5-20L per day. Our 70L unit in the right conditions can produce anywhere from 30-70L per day.

How does it keep the water so pure?

Aquaria has a multi step water production and filter process that keeps any pollution in the air from getting into your water. First, the world renowned Hepa air filter keeps particulates and other debris from making their way into the unit to begin with. The unit filters out anything that is not water molecules, so beginning from pure clean place – similar to distilled water – leaving anything else in the air behind. See here for a video explanation.

Have Aquaria Water Systems Products won any awards?

Yes! Back in 2015 Aquaria won, BEST NEW PRODUCT International Hotel, Motel and Restaurant Show Editor’s Choice Award & BEST KITCHEN PRODUCT NAHB International Builders’ Show Best of IBS Awards.

It has since then been recognised in many countries and we plan to enter more in 2023 now that water is becoming such a discussing point in Australia, NZ and the Pacific.