Aquaria 70L

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The perfect water unit for home or large office / shared space.

Rediscover real purity with drinking water made from air and free of all contaminants.

Aquaria is an atmospheric water generator (AWG) that uses advanced water capture technology to extract water from ambient air. It provides the ultimate sustainable water solution that CREATES and FILTERS purified water every day.

Product Description

Aquaria has harnessed the latest eco-technology to create an abundant water supply without stripping the land of any resources. Each generator is infrastructure free and provides a renewable water source that is clean, safe and of the highest quality; providing a solution to the global water shortage and quality crisis, without single-use plastic.


  • Product Capacity: 70L per day (at 80% humidity; 30C)
  • Filters: 7 various
  • Power Usage: 110/220v
  • Frequency: 50/60 hz
  • Water Production Power: 375w
  • Cooling with Water Production Power: 470w
  • Water Temperature: 4 – 95C
  • Working Temperature: 15 – 45C
  • Working Humidity: 30 – 100%
  • Unit Weight: 18 kgs & 30 kgs
  • Unit Dimensions:  (LxWxD) 45*30*116 & 46*30*71
  • Cold and room temperature option
    • Chlorine free
    • Four stage filtration
    • Inbuilt UV sterilization
    • pH balanced (7.2 – 7.8)

Please see Aquaria Brochure 20L